L’atelier des Lumieres

On a recent trip to Paris we were lucky enough to attend the Gustav Klimt show at L’Atelier des Lumieres which is rocking the 11th arrondisement with the opening of Paris’ first digital art center.


Feature 1

L’Atelier was recommended by a French friend who lives in Paris and I loved the use of technology, light and sound to transform the interiors of a former smelter plant. On my latest trip to Europe I saw many examples of the juxtaposition of historic architecture with contemporary interior design and art in the creation of stunning interiors.

It was a magical experience of a walking around and through a changing kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that were falling on us and those around us, and felt like we were inside one of Gustav Klimt’s gorgeous colorful patterned canvases.

Feature 2

We moved through various rooms that had black and white light show of pattern and looking down from an upper balcony onto the floor below while experiencing a symphony of sound and color. It was a fabulous reminder of the importance of color, texture and pattern in setting a mood.

Feature 3

Doorways and columns and visitors all became a part of the show and it was a sensory delight that included a reflecting pool and iconic and familiar imagery that jumped off the canvas and was transformed by the change in scale and the integration of the architecture as part of the art. This juxtaposition left us in awe at the creativity of the Klimt and the designers who envisioned this show.