Design and Visualization

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Basic measurements

We begin the process with a meeting on site to discuss ideas. Here I like to get a feel for my client's needs, the sense of space the area offers and any practical concerns that may come in to play when the design is finished.

I'll measure the room and take rough measurements to transfer to a more complete layout.

Adding a new element

One of the ideas the client had was to add a stand up enclosed shower. After finalizing measurements, we created a basic layout of how the enclosure may fit and added a few more detail measurements for reference in a more refined computer drawing.

Extruded layout

This extruded view of the layout gives a rough idea of how the the new feature will interact with the flow of the room.

Sketch of the shower enclosure

Our first sketch of the enclosure included a crown across the top that isn't in the final project.

Sketch of vanity and bath